Dr. Todd Pesek, in 2015, as we start out on our trek through the Cleveland Metroparks for an interview for my book Grocery. He’s also an Appalachian root doctor and an expert forager.

We’re back from the holiday break with a podcast episode on foraging, one of the activities that made our species thrive long ago but about which, today, relatively few people know. I speak with three great foragers, a chef, a professional forager, and a doctor.

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Important links from the show.

Matthew Accarino and his restaurant SPQR.

Dr Todd! He’s currently on a cleanse after the rich foods of the holiday. Give his Super Broth a try.

And Nancy MacNamara and her Honey Locust Farm.

Expert forager Nancy MacNamara of Honey Locust farm, with some ground ivy in the front yard of her childhood home in Newburg, NY (the honey locust tree is in the background).