Suzanne Cupps, on her last day as executive chef of Untitled, about to make her jerked carrots. (That’s me and my producer, Jonathan Dressler, hamming in the background.)

Yesterday, the fourth episode of my podcast, “From Scratch with Michael Ruhlman,” went up. On each episode, I speak with one chef and one non-chef about the same theme, to see what we can learn. This week’s theme is “Wood.” And we’re cooking with Chef Suzanne Cupps, who will be opening a new restaurant in the West Village this fall called 232 Bleeker and will have a wood burning hearth at the center of the new kitchen.

She came to my attention at the restaurant Untitled for her gorgeous, delicious and vegetable forward dishes (not to mention her fried chicken, which I would put against any in the city). For the show she teaches us about cooking with wood and gives us her method for jerked grilled carrots.

The podcast also features Ian Wogan, a Florida-based wood expert who discovered the perfect use for an invasive species of trees in southern Florida. Guess what it is!

Hope you’ll have a listen. Find it wherever you get your podcasts. Here’s the general link:

Let me know what you like and what we can be doing better. If you like it, please rate it—and even comment; this will help more people find it. It just launched last week along with my new book with the same name but very different contents.

Here’s a link to the first episode on what does authentic cooking really mean, with Oakland Chef James Syhabout, born in Laos, and Dr. Krishnendu Ray, a brilliant food scholar at NYU and author of several great books on the culture of cooking. Here’s the Apple podcasts link for that one.

Happy cooking!