Yogurt with Nuts and Cherries (or “Breakfast with Paul”)

One splendid idea: whole fat Greek yogurt with toasted nuts and, for sweetness and additional acidity, sour cherries (we fell in love with these in Greece; happily, in Providence, where we reside part time, there is Yoleni’s a store selling great Greek products, yogurt as good as what we had in Athens, and I hear is a swell place for a quick lunch in downtown PVD).

As I’ve long opined, the traditional American breakfast foods, composed primarily of refined wheat and sugar, make for the most dangerous meal of the day, causing blood sugar levels to spike, release insulin, making one sluggish and tired and hungry in 90 minutes. My dear pal, Blake Bailey, a cereal lover (though I applaud is typical poached egg on toast ; the world patiently awaits your Philip Roth bio!), and others asked, then what do you propose, and what’s fast to prepare as I’m rushing to get out the door in the morning.

I’d welcome comments on variations on the yogurt-based breakfast that avoid refined wheat. I too love a poached egg on toast. To avoid the wheat, I sometimes put a poached egg in a half avocado (The Beloved gets the other half).

Or sometimes a boiled egg with soft yolk—6 minute boil for runny. But read this piece by Kenji Lopez-Alt, the NYTimes new food columnists who conducted the most exhaustive double-blind study on hard-cooking eggs our species has known. Fascinating! 

My takeaways: MUST try his steaming method (but Kenji, you don’t address that half the time cold eggs going into boiling water crack!); his commentary on creating tender rather than rubbery whites (hear, hear); his command—command!‚never to put eggs in an egg bath (sacré bleu! I don’t know if I’m on board with this yet); and most important of all, that the taste of fresh eggs from neighbors and friends or your local farmer, some only hours old, tasted no better than commercial Costco eggs. Thanks, Kenji, and The Times did right by hiring you.

As far as no-wheat breakfasts go, I’d love to know what other faves are. The lentils of India and kitcheree? Things like that? I’ve become accustomed to avoiding refined wheat as much as possible, and when I do it’s combined with protein and fat to slow the sugar’s absorption (eg a poached egg on toast).

The main reason to eat yogurt with nuts and cherries for breakfast, though, is because it’s delicious, nourishing, and keeps one sated all morning.

Oh, and BTW, this is my new site design (home page here; all critiques suggestions welcome, as next month I launch a new book and podcast on cooking, both called FROM SCRATCH: 10 Meals, 175 Recipes and Techniques You’ll Use Over and Over. AND my own podcast about cooking.)

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