The ever popular Tool Bundle. It features our most popular kitchen items. Photo by Donna Turner Ruhlman.


Finishing up an interview with Jean-Georges Vongerichten at his restaurant day before Thanksgiving, I asked if his long-time right hand man Greg Brianin and his ace executive chef Mark Lapico were around. I wanted to give them one of my offset spoons (middle of the top three, and my favorite all time spoon). I showed Jean-Georges and he said, “This is yours?” Yes. “I love it!” And then “Can I have one?”

Bien sur.

When we found Mark, buried in Thanksgiving prep, I gave a spoon to him he said, “You have your own spoon? Oh my god. Every time I would go on the meat station, I would take their Kunz spoon and bend it. they would say, ‘Why are you fucking up my tools.’ I’d say, ‘I’m telling you, it’s going to make it easier to baste. If you want a million dollar idea, go ahead and make one.’ And they’d laugh!” And then he said, “Hey, Camilla,” to executive sous chef Camilla Avendano. “Remember when I used to bend your spoon? Yours and a hundred others?”

Jean-Georges said, “I love it! The Ruhlman spoon. Ha-ha-ha!”

Then he gave me a pint deli of crosnes to serve at Thanksgiving and off I was. How incredibly gratifying that was.

So, that intro aside, and in keeping with Cyber Monday, happily, we’re discounting all kitchen tools for this day.

All of them are my favorites? (Though always looking for new ideas! A wood spoon angled for lefties?)

And always remember during this stress-filled season, it will all work out in the end. So don’t stress. Next year will come soon enough.

Wishing you a peaceful and happy holiday.



A few of our favorite items are:

Tool Bundle — Features my go-to flat-edged wood spoons, invaluable.

Egg Spoon — Badass egg spoon actually. A great all purpose perforated spoon, that also creates perfect poached eggs. Here’s the post and here’s Mac in the video.

Offset serving spoon set —speaks for itself.

Bottom Line:


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