Roasted/braised turkey. Photo by Donna Turner Ruhlman.

Last year my cousin Ryan, feeling overwhelmed by the task of hosting his first Thanksgiving dinner, wrote to me for advice. I’m reposting the advice I gave him here, along with the roast/braise method.

The bottom line is this and it’s the mantra I want all anxious cooks out there to repeat continually: Everything will be fine. Really. Everything will be fine. Really. (Thank you @SamSifton.) 

Below is a collection of posts that cover all the fundamental dishes. Nothing new here; the good stuff always stays the same. Remember, no one step is particularly hard, so it’s simply a matter of being organized. For last minute questions, I’ll be taking them online at the @Food52 hotline, Thanksgiving day from 2-3.

Homemade Turkey Stock

The Original Roasted/Braised Turkey Post with Illustrative Photos and Slide Show.

If you want a traditional roast, here’s how: Roast Turkey, from my book How To Roast.



Dressing, cranberry sauce, and homemade gravy; three must haves on your holiday table. Photos by Donna Turner Ruhlman.

In my opinion, gravy is the single most important preparation of the day; it brings every thing together. Here’s how I do it: Gravy

Holiday Dressing (It’s basically a bread pudding; make any variations you want, such as adding sausage.)

My dad’s Cranberry Sauce.

Happy Thanksgiving one and all. May your holiday be bountiful and peaceful and filled with love and great food!

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