Warm chocolate chip blondie at Euclid Hall in Denver, CO.

September has always felt like the actual start of the year so, after a long hiatus from this space, I return. I began blogging in 2006 after Megnut invited me to post on her site. Blogs mushroomed then, spawning numerous books and even a movie. Now, I’m not sure where they are or who reads them. Am I wrong in thinking that there are fewer now and that people are spending their time reading more established sites such as Serious Eats, The Kitchn, and Food 52?

I’ve been through a tumultuous year. I and Donna, my wife of 25 years and the photographer of so much on this site and in books, have divorced. I reside, at least for now, in New York City’s West Village. I’ve completed my next book, about grocery stores and the buying and selling of food in America. I’ve helped to launch a Charcuterie App and am a part of another app, Simple Feast, both subscription-based, which I think is the future of apps as people recognize, in a sea of apps, what’s valuable and what’s not and also appreciate the time and effort that goes into making ones of quality and usefulness.

But what’s to become of this space in my new life? I think I’d like to return it to the original idea of the blog, or the web log, an online journal. For instance, I just returned from a fabulous trip to Denver, where I ate at impressive restaurants and felt what a vibrant food town that city is. Euclid Hall‘s amazing beef short rib kielbasa, one of the best sausages I’ve had in a long time, and their fabulous dessert, pairing hot seared foie gras and vanilla ice cream (above); Colt & Gray and its excellent dry-cured meats (and Island Creek oysters!); a fascinating Octopus “mortadella” at Stoic and Genuine  (run by chef Jen who also heads Euclid Hall and two others), fabulous chile at Appaloosa Grill, and a last-minute find, The Butcher’s Bistro, a perfect liver pate by Tyson Holzheimer, delicious charcuterie, great steak frites, great all-around meat destination.

And I’ll also write about what I’m cooking, when I’m not traveling, as I try to find a new cooking style necessitated by a tiny Manhattan apartment and solo dining.

And, of course, I’ll vent when necessary, as I move into this new life. Thanks, all, for reading.

Update 9/17/16: I’ve been off my site for so long I didn’t realize I now have to approve comments. I was a little surprised not to get a single response! Sad face. And then I looked on the WordPress site and saw the backlog. I’m kind of undone by the sudden outpouring. I’m very grateful to all of you. (And social media folks should read Elise’s comment—fascinating data, thanks Elise.) Glad to be back in the world.


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