veal stew feast

My veal stew with egg noodles, photo by Deborah Jones, courtesy of Feast.

I’m working with my friend Susie Heller (French Laundry/Bouchon books, among so many others) who’s commandeering the launch of a sleek new cooking app called Feast. It launches Thursday. It’s the brain child of tech health entrepreneur Jakob Jønck a co-founder of Endomondo, a running and fitness app with now more than 25 million users. He also was Head of International Operations at MyFitnessPal, a nutrition app with now more than 100 million users. He and Susie are bringing their love of food and cooking to this new app by marshalling dozens of chefs and food writers who also want to share the love—chefs as diverse and talented as David Kinch, Mourad Lahlou, Michel Richard and Jacques Pepin.

The site, which is drop-dead gorgeous, combines these chefs’ recipes (more than 500, all scalable at a touch), technique video, chef stories, and a fabulous shopping list function to create a cooking/teaching experience on your iPhone (Android version to follow I hope!). To find out more, click the Feast link above.

This is ultimately a paid app (and when you see how beautiful it is and how many people put so much work into it, you’ll understand why) but there will be all kinds of free content on it as well, especially at first. Here are some of the bullet points that appeal to me in terms of why this app is unique.

Mission statement:

We believe eating good, honest, quality food is a human right, not a challenge. So we set out to make it simple, inspiring and absolutely delicious. Feast is a reawakening to the power and pleasure of real food, far from anything processed, preserved, arrogant or preachy.

Welcome to a love story told by world-class chefs, food experts and a community of believers eager to share how a whole universe of amazing fruits, vegetables, grains and meats can boost your body and soul in ways you never thought possible.

What is Feast?

Feast is a personalized mobile cooking platform available for iOS from January 7th.

What can I find on Feast?

You can find hundreds of delicious and easy to cook recipes from some of the world’s best chefs, food experts and culinary minds on Feast. We will introduce you to them by telling their stories. What inspires them, what makes them tick.

You can also find dozens of beautifully shot techniques videos which will help you improve your cooking skills.

What makes Feast different?

Feast is separated by the quality of its content. Our recipes are created by the world’s best chefs and food experts. All recipes are tested by real humans and they truly scale.

With Feast you can also create a smart shopping list with just one click. It was never easier to shop for several recipes at a time.

You are able to personalize Feast by filtering recipes by diet type e. g. Paleo, Vegetarian, Gluten Free or you can rule out recipes if you are allergic to certain foods e. g. Nuts, Eggs etc.

What does Feast cost?

Feast is a free app. However to gain unlimited access to all of Feast’s amazing content you can upgrade to premium for a monthly fee of $8.99 or a yearly subscription of $69.99 via In-App-Purchase.


Hope you’ll check it out!

Oh, and I’ve got another app, a community based charcuterie app in the works so be on the look out for that next month as well.

Happy cooking!


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