The ever popular Tool Bundle. It features our most popular kitchen items. Photo by Donna Turner Ruhlman.

Time once again to thank the wonderful workers at Vocational Guidance Services in Cleveland for working so hard to ship our kitchen tools throughout the country. VGS has for decades employed those who can’t otherwise find work—the disabled, people who have been homeless, people who are recently out of jail—to give them jobs, or, ideally, prepare them to find work outside this non-profit. In other words, VGS is a valuable part of our community and Mac and I put a strain on them with our recent sales (one last sale offered below!), so we wanted to thank them publicly for their good work. Thank you all!


From left: Donald Jackson, Ernest Tubbs, and Tavi Gargano, of Vocational Guidance Services, in Cleveland, OH/Photo courtesy VGS.


Another chance for 40% off all Ruhlman products!

We wanted to give you another opportunity to purchase holiday gifts for your friends and family! So we’re making all the tools from 40% off for ONE more day. Be sure to enter the promo code GLITTER into the designated field. Mac and Michael made these tools to make cooking easier and more fun. My mom loves using them and brags about them constantly.

As you all know, the tools began with the simple offset spoon, Michael’s favorite. Great for basting and skimming as it dips naturally into the pan. The offsetness let to offset soup spoons that won’t slide into the soup! And then the big offset serving spoon.

I use the flat-edged wooden paddles all the time. I’d say the best deal is the Kitchen Tool Bundle—you get the spoons, the paddles, and the Badass Perforated (aka Egg) Spoon.

Deal ends tonight at midnight EST.

Happy shopping!


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