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I’m meeting with my editor from Little, Brown at the end of the week to run through ideas for the next cookbook (which I claimed I wouldn’t write … so sue me; perhaps it’s an illness). But I honestly don’t know what to explore. So I’m coming here for ideas. Of course, I always have teaching in mind when I write a cookbook, teaching myself, first and foremost. But I’d like to put the question out to home cooks and chefs alike. What book is most necessary, what cookbook doesn’t yet exist?

Sous vide is ever on my mind, but I don’t know if that’s the right thing to do. Also, there are now several good books out there on the subject from people who have more experience than I. Modernist Cuisine Made Easy, sous vide from the professional vantage, which I helped to write, Under Pressure, not to mention Kenji Lopéz-Alt‘s extraordinary tome The Food Lab, which addresses the subject (and so much else).

So, what then? I have a few of my own ideas but would love to hear from readers. As an enticement, I’d love to give away a signed copy of my latest book, out October 6th, In Short Measures, three novellas not about food, but rather about love, marriage, fidelity, infidelity, and the seemingly impossible perfection of young love, and that love’s loss.

Any and all suggestions welcome. If you add a comment (and live in the continental US), you’ll be entered for the book giveaway. Thank you!


And coming off yesterday’s wonderful Brooklyn Book Festival where I was on a panel of debut fiction writers, I need to add that my wonderful Skyhorse editor Nicole Frail has asked me to suggest that people who want the new book to pre-order it on Amazon here. It really does help the book. Again, thank you all, generous readers.


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