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The government and a committee of docs and PhD’s and other really smart people are reversing two generations of recommendations on how you and your family should eat. It’s OK to eat eggs. They’re not a silent killer. The news arrived last week. This opinion piece on what the new guidelines mean is particularly good (by Nina Teicholz, author of The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat and Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet—how did I miss this?! A girl after my own heart; think she’ll join me in my quest to make July national Butter-Is-a-Vegetable Month?).



Look at these delicious dishes above, all photos of the egg by Donna, featured in my love song to the egg (I especially love the sun-like yolk at top). For two generations we were told that eggs, a miracle of economy, nutrition, utility, and deliciousness in the kitchen were suspect. Were bad for you. And yet Corn Flakes, milled corn and sugar, were embraced as part of a good-for-you breakfast. Along with sugar-laden granola bars, and Go-Gurts for the kids.

Should we listen to our government experts now? Yes? Why? Suddenly they know what the fuck they’re talking about? What changed? Why did it take forty years? Forty! I think they owe us an apology first, and then they need to admit that no one really knows anything for sure. They’re still using the harmful phrase, “help people to eat healthy.”

Doc Roxanne has it right: Eating healthy is idiotic. “We are healthy if we eat nutritious food.”

Who then to listen to? Yourself, your own body, and common sense. Everyone is different. If we cook our own food, if that food is whole, as opposed to being stripped of nutrients to make it cheap, then you can pretty much eat what you want.

I have news for you: You’re gonna die. Stop treating food as if it’s medicine and you might just be able to enjoy life before the inevitable catastrophe that awaits us all.

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