It’s been a busy year. I published two books, How To Roast this past fall, the first in a series of technique books, and a big book on the Egg this past spring. I continue to love the dialogue that some of the opinion pieces here inspire; I’m gratified by the enthusiasm with which the Friday Cocktail Hour was greeted (and lamented … perhaps it will return). And people enjoy the recipes when they appear, whether from me or a guest poster. The following are the top-rated posts from 2014, and all of these categories are represented.

The Opinion Posts, on our health and the importance of cooking, both reported and rant-only:

Don’t Eat Healthy Carb Confusion: An internist at the Cleveland Clinic, who has a deep interest in nutrition, talked to me last summer about the ways our thinking about food is all wrong (and harmful). She also gives her magic bean stew recipe.

Paleo Carrot & Cardamom Soup: One of my favorite books of the year was Michelle Tam’s Nom Nom Paleo. Michelle is a blogger with an enormously infectious enthusiasm for dynamic cooking. I asked her for a guest post and she came through with this most excellent soup.

Pimm’s Cup: The most clicked-on cocktail of the year, with a story of budding friendship and embarrassment (Blake’s searing memoir, The Splendid Things We Planned, will be out in paperback in February; and there’s a superb audible version available as well.)

How to Help Small Farmers: A Farmer’s Words: A guest post from an actual small farmer and blogger, Kasha Bialis.

Eat Your Medicine: A post on America’s wrong-headed approach to “eating healthy.”

What If You Hate Cooking Dinner: Well, this one caused a stink! But I leave it as published with the promise never to use the word shrill where the distaff side is concerned. I reiterate my admiration for the journalist Virginia Heffernan, who inspired this rant that reiterates that we denigrate home cooking at our peril.

Aged Eggnog: Start now for next year! If you’re lucky you’ll forget about it next year and find it two years from now and it will be even better!

Happy New Year and best wishes for a nutritious and fruitful 2015!


*Photo by: Henry Fong

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