Happy Thanksgiving all. I’m surrounded by Donna’s big lively festive brood of a family in the gorgeous Hudson Valley, and paying attention to all I have to be grateful for. I have so little to be ungrateful for–bunions, hemorrhoids, our inept Federal government–that alone is a blessing.

But this is our shared national holiday, one centered on food as a symbol of bounty and good fortune, whatever we may have or not have. It is a time above all to remember the Gascon motto: Alone we die, together we thrive.

It is also a time to remember that food is not simply our body’s fuel, an occasional luxury, or a daily errand, but rather the anchor of our lives without which we perish. It is what binds or families and our communities. It demands that we work together and share in that work. To take care of our food is to take care of our families and the community we are necessarily a part of.

Alone we die, together we thrive.

I’m wishing all friends and family and the generous readers of this blog a happy Thanksgiving and hoping you are with the people you most cherish, cooking all day, and soon sit before a bountiful table to give thanks.