The Book of Schmaltz.

The Book of Schmaltz.

When Donna and I published The Book of Schmaltz as an app for iPads, I never expected it to be published as a book book. (Yes, even though it’s called “The Book of.”)

And yet, I always knew that would be its most valuable form. The book’s muse, for instance, my neighbor Lois Baron, had never even held an iPad, and she’s the ideal customer. And I’m lucky my editor at Little, Brown thought publishing an actual book was a good idea, too. Tomorrow, The Book of Schmaltz is officially released as a book book.

David Leite wrote this about the app when it came out.

Max Gross wrote about the book in this weekend’s New York Post. (Though I must take issue with the use of “grease” in the headline. Schmaltz is a fat and is delicious to cook with and to eat. Grease is something that floats in the air and gums up kitchen surfaces. Grease is bad. That’s why restaurants have grease traps.)

Fat is good, and schmaltz—chicken fat rendered with onion—is one of the best fats you can use.

The Book of Schmaltz is truly a love song to a forgotten fat, as the subtitle says.

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