It is Memorial Day so it is time to grill some beef. Photo by Donna Turner Ruhlman.

It is Memorial Day, so it is time to grill some beef. Photo by Donna Turner Ruhlman.

It’s Memorial Day and more families than not have someone to honor. Thankfully I have to go back to Dad’s brother, Uncle Bob, who was killed at age 17 as part of a skiing rifle brigade on an Italian mountainside. My dad was only 6 then, but when he was 60 he found the grave of the brother he’d scarcely known. He took a picture, and after I watched Saving Private Ryan, he showed me the photo and I wept. It was exactly like those crosses that open and close the film. Bob was a talented artist and draftsman I’d never know.

I long for a world that doesn’t even need a Memorial Day.

Until that time, more cooking and grilling together—that makes things better. Would that I could hover around the grill today with beer in hand and enjoy the holiday, but I’m Charleston bound for more Le Creuset videos. While it’s no fun to travel on a holiday, I’m never unhappy to be in Charleston.

Grilled Corn 1@540

And upon my return, summer will almost be here. Sweet corn is a good six weeks away, depending on the weather, but I can think about it. When I saw this photo in the archives I had to post as it is the very embodiment of a summer that’s nearly here.

If you need some Memorial Day recipe inspiration, check out these links:

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