photo by iPhone

CSA week 16 is easily the heaviest bundle yet, with the apples, big tomatos, the (surprise!) bok choy, more nice green beans under all the lettuce.  Apples, fall is here.  Sweet potatoes, more fall.  I’m getting pretty goddam tired of those green peppers though.  Wish the dog would eat them.  I ordered eggs this week $2.50 extra, well worth it.  They’re a buck more at the farmers market.  And I just ate two of them, another Saturday morning favorite: egg sandwich, yolks intentionally broken, fried gently in butter, salt and pepper, topped with chopped bacon and slipped between two pieces of soft white bread fresh out of the plastic, one piece generously smeared with Hellmann’s.  Yes, Hellmann’s mayo.  I know I make a stink about making your own mayo and how easy it is.  But it’s Saturday, I’ve got a lot of stuff to do, and frankly, I actually prefer Hellman’s on a fried egg sandwich.

What I’m most excited about in this week’s CSA, is the sweet potatoes.  I love to fry things and julienned and fried sweet potatoes may be the best kind of tuber there is to fry.  Cut em on your japanese mandoline (if you don’t have a benriner, buy one—they’re one of the best kitchen tools you can own; here’s the one I bought; twenty bucks and well, well worth it).

A quick pass over the julienne blade and into the hot oil, cook till crisp, drain in a paper-towel-lined bowl, shaking shaking as you rain some fine salt down on them.  No better snack or side dish.