Earlier in the season, I taped a grilling demo for a new Cleveland company called Sideways, specializing in digital publishing, including the eponymous magazine for the iPad (next issue is out Monday, youtube promo here). It accompanied my story on grilling. The idea that the iPad can include multiple pix (even a flip-pad presentation of cooking technique), video, text and recipes is exciting and Sideways was the first company I know of to create such a work.  I think this video is too long, more than 15 minutes, or it needs to be broken into shorter chapters, but it’s not bad for a first try.  They recently posted it to youtube, so here it is.

Grilling 101, human’s original cooking method: Spatchcocked chicken, grilling asparagus, and grilling sausage.  I believe Hank Shaw made fun of me for using a thermometer to judge the doneness of a sausage, but I don’t care. And I don’t always use one. Sometimes i just cut one open, but either way, I never, ever serve an over cooked sausage. To ruin one our great food creations, the noble sausage, through inattention is an unpardonable culinary sin. Don’t do it. They’re too valuable.

Want to know how the sausages cooked here were made? There’s a video of that, along with a recipe here.

(On a sidenote, or Sideways note, if you follow digital media, Sideways is also publishing things like graphic novels and coffee table books.  It’s founder, Charles Stack, explains the intriguing notion that the iPad is also a coffee table book.  And frankly, I am very tempted to buy their Diana Curran photography book, just to see how it works on my sporty little iPad.)

September is a great month for grilling.  Today I’ll be grilling cod to serve with a chorizo vinaigrette, and later, burgers.  I love the flavor of fire.