Last weekend's haul from our Geauga County farmers, a "family" share, photo by donna

Week 12 of our CSA. No surprise with the tomatoes and corn, and no disappointment either.  Though five ears corn doesn’t even cover breakfast for me. Beans were great, peaches wouldn’t want to wait longer (and one of those peaches harbors a scary stinging bug that scared the hell out of me when I bit down to the pit.  But damn, Ohio peaches?  They don’t last long but they are amazing—deeply flavored, sweet, succulent.  Georgia may grow more but they don’t grow them better. And those raspberries were more raspberrier than any I’ve had.

That acorn squash, so bittersweet.  Are we moving into squash season? Are those leaves outside my window turning to brown already.  Where did summer go?  Oh, sigh.  James started school today.  Where did my youth go?

How can squash make me so sad?

At least there are those fucking green peppers to be mad at, the earths most lamentable vegetable.  The cubanos are good if they’re hot, but the green bell peppers make me angry.  I hate them for their mediocrity.  They are a sorry excuse for food.  I would never serve them to a guest. Is it food simply because we can digest it?  There is only one way to redeem them.  Stuff them with sausage and cook them over fire, angrily.

I will grind a pound of boneless skinless chicken thighs, and add a quarter pound of pork fat or belly or even bacon.  I’ll put in a couple of teaspoons salt (10 grams for 600 grams meat and fat). I’ll add garlic, some chopped tomato, some chopped basil, some red wine vinegar and olive oil.  I’ll stuff them with this, and grill them, maybe even top them with cheese.  More fat!

Perhaps then, I will find a remote, very remote, and grudging acceptance of this sorry fruit.

How are other people’s CSAs?  Can we compare?  Send me a photo (no huge files please!):

I can do a post showing the variety.  I would love to have various areas of the country represented.  What does a CSA in Arizona look like now?! Either Portland? Texas? Minnasota?  Please send pix! Make sure you say where the food is from and if you love it, the name of the farm, and also if it is a family share or a smaller share.