At last, thanks entirely to app developer, marketing genius and avid cook, Will Turnage, and graphic designer Leah McCombe, the Ratio smart phone application can be downloaded by those who use android devices! Thank you Will and Leah.

Android users, scan this QR or click the link above.  Let me know in comments if you have any problems!

For those who don’t know what Ratio is or does, watch the demo below. The Ratio app is a cooking tool, a calculator of ingredients for 30 different fundamentals, from cake and muffin batters to bread doughs to vinaigrettes, to sausages and brine. I find it invaluable.  If I just need a couple cups of brine, I plug in the amount I want and it calculates the salt for me.  Same for if I have 28 ounces of sausage I need to season, or 247 grams of sausage for that matter.  Or how to make a teeny cake if I just have one egg. It’s not a recipe app and it won’t make a grocery list for you (there are plenty of free or inexpensive apps for that). It’s a cooking tool that calculates the amounts of ingredients you need based on what you have or how much you want, rather than listing ingredients in a recipe that serves 8 or makes 24 cookies.

What I love best about what Will, Leah and I have made is that it takes the static information of this best-selling book and gives it new life as a dynamic cooking tool. (Here it is for iPhones, fyi.) This is what smart phone applications and the new digital media world are all about.

Will and Leah, again, many thanks for your awesome work.