Rip  & Mike #2

As Christopher Buckley writes in his extraordinary memoir, Losing Mum and Pup, this indeed is the happiest story there is, that I know at least:

The grandfather dies.  The father dies.  The son dies.

I’m midway through this story and pray it continues as told.  I miss my dad more than words can say.  I am lucky on too many counts to name, but chief by far among my gifts was to to be born to Rip Ruhlman.  The photo above is from the summer of ’68 I’m guessing; I would have been five, he not yet thirty.

Best wishes to all dads today, but best wishes especially to dads who wish they could thank their father but can’t, to all children young and old who miss their dads.

Rip Ruhlman 9/24/38 – 8/09/08