Dicing Onion, photo by Donna

Dicing Onion, photo by Donna

I posted yesterday on twitter that I began cooking because I was hungry but continued to cook because I loved to eat, and it got me thinking.  There are so many different reasons to cook, as a number of twitters pointed out.  Self-defense was a good one!  And with the state of our processed food, one that every cook can claim!  Can I encourage other bloggers to post about why you cook?  Spell it out.  Writing it down forces you to know what you think.  When I was nine, I cooked because I was hungry and making things was fun.  Today, age 46 and devoted to family, I cook because:

—I want my family to have great food all the time that’s tasty and good for their body and brains.

—I cook because it relaxes me after long motionless hours at the computer.

—I cook because I love to eat.

—I cook to make my family and friends happy.

—I cook so Donna doesn’t have to.

—I cook because life better is when I do.

Are there any good reasons not to cook?   Let’s see.

—I don’t have time.  (Or, put another way, I’d rather do something else.)

—It’s too hard.

—I’m too tired.


All of these are perfectly adequate reasons not to cook.  I sometime use them myself.  But they’re not reasons to never cook.  The only good reasons never to cook are these:

Cooking gives me no pleasure, and eating doesn’t either.  (This is genuinely the case for some people, and I’ll lay odds they’re not reading this post)

Fast food is cheaper than fresh food and, as I am at the poverty level, I have little choice.  (The saddest reason of all, and yet another reason for those who can cook, to cook.  The more people who buy good food help to lower the price of that food through demand.)

It’s almost the weekend!  Time for cooking the fun stuff!   I’m making wine-braised short ribs and butter-filled short bread!

Update: Loving all the comments, but this one I found fascinating: comment by danielle.  And don’t miss this from White On Rice, Diane, whose family in Vietnamese: “cooking was expected of me.” I think it should be expected of more people.