Chicken roasted in skillet@440

After the last shot that ran—Styled Chicken & Dumplings—I am so glad Michael asked for this roasted chicken shot that I just took on Monday. Every Monday Michael serves a roasted chicken, and when this came out of the oven, I decided we should quickly shoot it because;

1: He talks about roasted chicken a lot and we can’t keep running the same photo (even if David Lebovitz loves it). 2: It just looked so beautiful and 3: My lights were all set up.

Michael let me get two frames off before he whisked it away. You can see Michael’s hand towel on the handle because he had no intention of letting it go. Flash-flash, and away he went to carve away on his Boos cutting board.

I turned off my camera and lights and called the kids into dinner. Really. No fussing, no styling and no propping. We didn’t even need a trivet because I had a slate tile on the table already from an earlier shoot that day.

And,  most importantly, it was divine. Thanks Michael, you make a mean Monday’s roasted chicken.