Quail Egg @440The thing I like about this photo is that you don’t know how big this egg is. It could be a huge dinosaur egg because there is nothing to put into perspective. The fibers of the napkin could be of a blanket and the blue is unidentifiable. As Michael said in his blog, the egg measures 1-3/8ths inches high.

When I started to photograph these tiny little gems I thought I should put something in the photo to show it’s scale, but then felt that I was only putting something in the photo for that purpose—a contrived pairing of objects. There are times when it is necessary because it’s useful to know how big something is and you can’t, or don’t want to, saddle your photo with info. Then, when it is necessary to put a fork or a lemon wedge in your photo, hopefully it won’t feel contrived. This time to me, this egg needed its own stage—alone in all its glory.