photo post by Donna

Olives w: Orange Zest
I had fun shooting these olives—maybe because I love to eat them. They are my second favorite food after mushrooms. I got this photo first and liked it but also wanted to try and capture the feeling of eating one. A fork—of course! A toothpick would have worked—but it's not as pretty. I like how the the straight lines intersect with the circle. The orange zest was for color, but also glowed when back lit. It's good to have something transparent in a photo that has a dense subject matter for balance. Shot with 3 strobes—1 soft box in front on left, one spot in back for orange zest and one fill light on right side. Same lighting for the fork shot, but I used a much shorter depth of field so that the eye goes straight to the olive, not the fork—and the background goes completely out of focus.

Olive w: Orange Zest