Post by Donna

IMG_7953 And the winner for best BLT Photo goes to Rich Zanteson for his: BLT Bites photographed in Altadena, CA. This photo is just so visually fun. The cherry tomatoes on top make little BLT sculptures—and with the focus on just the 2 up front—it makes you want to just reach in and nab one. Love how the light on the bacon shows off how juicy it is. Rich's list of ingredients: lightly toasted no-knead pot boule, assorted homegrown lettuces, avocado mayo made with Mexican avocado, Mexican olive oil, homegrown lemon, kosher salt, blanched and pan fried oak-smoked homemade bacon, sweet tart homegrown red currant tomatoes, renewable cellulose structural element (wood toothpick).

I have to say it was really hard to pick the "Best" photo because all presented here are great for different reasons.Thanks everyone who participated. Your photos have inspired me to see in new ways and try some new techniques.

Here are some more winners by talented photogs.


Photo by Amy & Mark Swain—In your face—achieves an almost 3D effect.


Photo by Jerad Dunnohew—get out the napkins and be sure to visit his site: for a great presentation of his "Project BLT" photos.


Photo by Mark Hemauer—great light and composition—grab this before it flies by and go to his site.

Bbq Dude photo_2

These photos are by Bbq Dude. A nice series of photos can be seen at his sight Indirect Heat.