Light blog_2

I took these photos today within seconds of each other—No lights, tripod or fill cards, just me, the camera and the sun. First one is back lit, my personal favorite first go to light for most food things—and the second is straight on light, that was quite gentle since the day was fairly cloudy. There's a big difference and something worth exploring every time you shoot. It's not about camera gear, tricks or PhotoShop— It's LIGHT!, it's always about light. I'd like to hear what you guys think as far as what makes the more appealing photo and how you think about lighting food.And
now I ask, at the risk of sounding naive because we haven't been
growing tomatoes that long, I plucked these two tomatoes today,
September, 22  in Northeast Ohio. Is it odd to find two tomatoes with
such varying degrees of ripeness side by side at this late date?