BLT Final

Well, after 3 tries, I'm BLTed out. For this last attempt, I decided to wait for the great light instead of trying to create it. Early morning light would be beautiful, but can you really enjoy a BLT before 8am? So, the afternoon it is. The late afternoon sunlight is special this time of year. The rays are long and golden. The lighting for this can be tricky because of the dark shadows in the bacon and the bright highlights in the mayo. Because I lit from the front, I did have to burn in the mayo, bread and plate areas in PhotoShop.

With my camera on a tripod,  I used one white fill card behind the sandwich side to reflect some light back down. In my other attempts, I insisted on back lighting, and that didn't give me enough light for the dark bacon. So, this challenge got me to do things differently. Here are the other attempts:

BLT blunders_2#1                                                                                       #2

First go: Bad choice of light—too much blue.  Bread looks horrible!  Second try: Better light, but grill marks aren't working and there's still too much going on. We also need to see the sandwich layers better.