Lobster raw_3 Lobster just out of shell photographed earlier in the day back lit with available light (see the blue) and modeling lights in front. White balance set for bulb.

Below might not be the best photo of Michael's poached lobster dish, but
it was still plenty hot when I ate it. We decided to try and photograph
the courses during a dinner with Peter and Judy. With some
people that might be considered, well, rude. But with long time friends
who love to cook, eat and talk about it the whole time, it made sense to
us all. Before they arrived, I'd set a place setting on the kitchen
table and set up lights (there would be no good available light). I put
the empty bowl down that would later be filled with our lobster course and put in an onion. I adjusted the lights and took test exposures until I
had a good shot . Michael plated my lobster first and I replaced it with
the bowl and onion. I couldn't fuss. While Michael plated the other three lobster dishes, I took 2 exposures, carried my food to the table where glasses were already raised in a toast. So—if it works it works—if not, at least I
didn't eat cold lobster. My regret in this photo is that there is a
slight camera shake, preventing it from being super sharp. If I had
more time I would have more exposures to choose from. 

Lobster poached in butter