Ratio chart We must now stop accepting orders for the doughs and batters ratios chart.  All orders received up to this point will be filled, any subsequent orders will be refunded. Thanks for the enthusiastic response to it. I'm making some changes to this site, including the addition of a high resolution PDF of the chart.  Perhaps one day, we'll put together charts for all the ratio sections.  But for now, it's time to get back to work.

One last note on all this. The new book is entirely my own creation, but it was not created in a vacuum.  In addition to two chefs who looked over drafts of the manuscript and made valuable comments, Dave Cruz, chef de cuisine at Ad Hoc, and Cory Barrett, pastry wizard at Lola, three other individuals were invaluable. Michael Pardus, my skills chef at the CIA a dozen years ago, was always available for discussion and advice; I leaned on him often.  Bob del Grosso, aka The Hunger Artist, read and commented on the the first and second drafts of the manuscript and was enormously helpful from both food science and literary vantage points. And last, Marlene Newell, an Ontario-based self-taught cook and the creator and manager of the cooking forum Cook's Korner, ran, managed, and kept track of all the testing of the recipes; Marlene was invaluable, I'm grateful to her, to the testers she marshaled and for her excellent site.