String for blog
Most kitchen tools are fine in a drawer.  I don't get a charge out of seeing a mandoline or sauce whip  on the counter top.  Even cool looking tools such as the fluted pastry wheel have to stay in drawers where they're out of the way.  But a bolt of kitchen string is something that I love to have out–it's always a gratifying site.  Soft cotton, the bold shape, the intriguing pattern of the wound string.

And it's a valuable tool, for trussing birds and tying meat, which helps the meat to cook more uniformly, maintain the shape while it’s cooking, and it results in a better looking finished product.  I also use it for tying up bundles of herbs and aromats that i want to remove from the braising liquid or stock they're meant to flavor.  I use it to hang meat and sausages to dry.  And, as Michel Richard notes, you can use it as a belt!

Useful and beautiful.

There's a video here (and a lively story by one of my favorite bylines) on using string (I'm amazed and appalled by some of the how-to-truss-a-bird videos on the intenet–I should do one!),  and here's what you should buy if you're interested (avoid the little balls the fancy cookware stores tend to sell–not only homely but it never seems to be the right material).

A bolt will last most home cooks a couple of years or more.  I love my string.