Mayo Blog 2009_3
 I found this shot, by Donna, while looking for something else and I find it so compelling I just had to post it (it's a big file, fyi, if you're double clicking).  I'm a huge advocate of making your own mayonnaise, but not all the time. When I want a fried egg sandwich with a glass of milk on the weekend, I'm not going to whip up a mayo—I want some fluffy white bread and Hellmann's for that.  I think Hellmann's is an excellent product. But if I want a beautiful aioli or to make a luxurious potato salad or a lemony-shalloty mayo for dipping a steamed artichoke, I make mayonnaise.  It's not just because I'm some kind of purist, it's because it's such a pleasure.  And a good part of the pleasure is the visual nature of the transformation of clear oil into an astonishing emollient. Recipe and more pix here, should the urge strike.  But again, I just love the textures and shapes Donna captured close up and had to post.