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I don't remember exactly when I began eating this oddity, but it was more than a decade ago and I've been lunching happily on peanut butter and cabbage sandwiches during the week ever since. I'm a raw cabbage fanatic and attribute my virile good health to consuming several pounds of it each week when I'm at home working.  It's filling, has a satisfying crunch, is almost entirely fiber.  A spread of peanut butter seasons it and provides just enough fat to make the meal satisfying.  I add some carrots for salty sweetness.

We all love dinner.  Many argue that breakfast is their favorite meal and of course it's "the most important meal of the day" (who came up with this slogan?—I do fine on coffee and Crest), but no one ever talks about lunch.  It's the afterthought, the stepchild meal.  In America, at least.  When I spent three weeks with a family in France, the family all returned home for a feast at midday–truly civilized. Europe, bless them, still believes in naps.

My cabbage sandwich made me curious.  I posted a while back on staple meals.  What are your staple lunches?  Lunch specific dishes, that is, that are not obvious (ham and cheese sandwich) or based on leftovers microwaved at the office. The more eccentric the better.  It seems to me that eccentricity should flourish at lunch.