Photo by Donna

More than two years ago, before I began asking my wife to contribute her lovely pix, I made and wrote about aged eggnog after reading a story on Chow (recipe here).

We drank the eggnog then, and we drank it again last year.  And I kept about a cup and a half at the back of a basement fridge.  Here it is, very aged, more than two years old, loaded with egg and cream, very mellow and delicious still.  What has happened to the flavor?  The egg and cream come in at the end, but the predominant effect is alcohol.  Spike some Bailey's with Maker's Mark and that's the effect.  Verdict: Make some now for next year—it's a delicious treat and you will have preserved egg and cream for a year, a noble end in itself for a cook.  If you don't drink it all, it will probably be good in two years.  Mine was.  But I definitely checked for anything growing on top before shaking it up and pouring it.

I am not alone in being supremely eager to send 2008 packing and wish peace and prosperity and good health to all in 2009.