Photo by Donna Ruhlman

Garlic has arrived and it's one of my favorite purchases at our grower's market.  This is fresh garlic, not cured, and it's very juicy and strong. The skin is tight over the cloves, the stalks—this is a hard-necked variety—are green and firm.  If you  find ones like these taste the roots (chef's garden sells similar roots to use with its greens).  You can't buy this at a grocery store—you can only get if from the saintly folks who grow it.  Very special stuff.  (By chance, as I was thinking about this post an hour ago, almost as if I'd beckoned it, an email dropped into my box from Timber Press, announcing the forthcoming The Complete Book of Garlic, by Ted Jordan Merideth, which contains info on growing it yourself, which is easy to do and which I highly recommend).