My friends at Chef's Garden and Veggie U. have asked me to help spread the word about their annual fete and they're such fine folks who create some of the world's best greens and vegetables, I'm happy to encourage any and all to join them on Saturday in Milan, OH.  Their flyer is below or go to their site, Chef's Garden, or to Veggie U, their educational branch for more info.  They're good folks and have a great story (here's Amanda Hesser's profile in The Times).  A commercial farming family for 40 years, they were wiped out by a hail storm in the early 80s.  Their choice was, well, I don't know, but commercial farming was out and they didn't know what else to do—so they thought outside the box and began to grow directly for chefs.  They became custom growers, maybe the first of their kind.  They're now thriving, feeding and educating.

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