Until I put up the below post, I'd never heard the term spatchcock. That day, Russ P. emailed to say he was writing about grilling for the following day's paper and demos a spatchcocked chicken on the grill (he chided me, mr food glossary, for not knowing the term–must have been a little peeved that my spatchcock was posted before his). Alton Brown in an email raised his eyebrows, so to speak, at my tying the legs together with string (they tend to flop around if you don't do something with them—this ensures a purty presentation); Alton pokes his through slits in the skin, also a good method (but you have to be careful not to tear the skin too much), and cooks his in a panini press.  And today comes Bob del Grosso, also a food pro, with a pictorial of grilling his with halved artichokes.  It is officially spatchcocked chicken season.