Leena at leenaeats.com has posted the results of her food blog/print media survey, which attempts to evaluate who is reading food blogs and how they feel about blogs relative to print media and how often they read both.  More than 1800 people responded, she writes, enough to make her results not insignificant.  One surprise is how affluent people who read food blogs seem to be (or at least those who take the time to fill out a 38 question survey, or at least those who fill out surveys claim to be).  Not surprising: more girls than guys read food blogs.  Surprising: they feel info on the blogs is equally reliable as info in print media.  Not surprising: people who responded to a survey on a food blog tended to read food blogs more than print.  Surprising: they didn’t feel that they spent less time with print media because of the blog.  And some said they read more print media because of blogs.

Great work Leena, hope you get an A.  Maybe if Pete Wells or Nick Fox sees your post, they might consider a short thought piece or reported essay from you for the Times on your results—after all they publish both print media and blogs, and I'd like to read a more thorough analysis and response from you on what you've learned.