Eric Ripert, chef and co-owner of the four-star Manhattan restaurant Le Bernardin, who has just overseen the opening of restaurants in Ritz Hotels in DC and Philly, has also just put up a very clean, sleek site called aveceric.  (The restaurant’s site is brand new as well.)

The site will feature a new video each week on cooking and Eric will blog, he hoped, two or three times a week with the help of an assistant (for those of you who think this is celeb chef cheating, remember that English is his third language, and that despite this, well, it’s rare that I meet an American chef as articulate in their first language as Ripert is in his third).

The videos, he told me last week, “are about demystifying cooking.”  They will all feature cooking with, believe it or not, a toaster oven.  This toaster oven (available, amazingly, at 52% off—hmm, what does this mean?).  He isn’t hawking the oven itself—it doesn’t have his name on it and you can’t buy it on his site—though Cuisinart is a sponsor of the site and his television show, which begins filming this summer.  “It’s an amazing tool,” Ripert said.  He went on to extol the virtues of a big toaster oven—and he’s right.  They’re perfect for cooking or baking or broiling for one or two people, especially in Manhattan.  “In New York our oven is storage,” Ripert notes.  “We keep our pots and pans in it.”

Watch the beautifully made video, a demo of broiled snapper and an enthusiastic embrace of the toaster oven, reason perhaps to reconsider your own.