In The Times’ biannual cookbook round-up, Sam Sifton writes, "Cookbooks were a $530 million business in the United States in 2007, according to Michael Norris, a senior analyst for Simba Information, a market research firm. Nearly 14 million books about cooking and entertaining were purchased in the United States in 2007, according to Nielsen BookScan.  The trend has been basically upward since at least 2002." Interesting news in light of the fact that book publishing biz is in the doldrums.  Happily, Sifton mentions Elements of Cooking, in which he found, he says, "three of the most important sentences anyone reading about cookbooks may see this or any year."  I try not to care what the Times says about my work, or worse, when it says nothing at all, but the fact is, I do, so I don’t mind admitting that this is especially gratifying. Twenty more books are included on the Times’ site, including Clotide‘s newest, Edible Adventure’s in Paris, which I saw as uncorrected proofs and is lovely.