—Now this is the kind of post that makes the heart  glad!  Yet another happy bacon story, inspired by Charcuterie, a book whose subtitle might be "changing the world through better bacon."  Thanks, Danielle!  You’re an inspiration!  (You asked for a bacon idea?  Finely chop your bacon, saute it, make maple ice cream and fold in the bacon, serve as a dessert on waffles or French toast.  Idea from the excellent pastry chef Cory Barrett–just ate it last night so it’s on my mind.)

—Where to find a good maple ice cream recipe?  David Lebovitz’s excellent book The Perfect Scoop, chosen by amazon as one of the 10 best of the year in food and cooking  (an inclusion I heartily agree with, click the "Best Books of 2007" on his Perfect Scoop page for other top ten lists).  Recipe page 48, omit the walnuts, replace with bacon!  (Elements of Cooking, I will add less humbly is in the top ten for both reference AND Food Lit, categories, a surprise and an honor).

—David has a great post on his blog on top 10 things you can do to improve your cooking, which mentions my book (thanks!), and my blog on elements of cooking (thanks!)—interesting thoughts on what everyone can do to make their cooking better.  Now here’s an idea for a chef-blogger meme, the five main things professional cooks do routinely that everyone can and should do at home.

—I spill many a glass of red wine at posh restaurants, and so I loved this post from Bruni on The Napkin of Shame!

—Last, Thomas Mulready, whom I met in Cleveland when he was running the amazing performance art festival (1988-1999) here, came over to my house to do video on me and the new book  to post on his innovative site, Cool Cleveland (he was recently at a Vegas blog conference speaking about it).  Cool Cleveland is technically an e-newsletter, but it’s really more like an online weekly tabloid-cum-connection center.  I said, Thomas, why don’t you bring the whole family, we’ll do the video in my kitchen which will promote the book, and I’ll cook us all dinner, and that’s what we did.  Here’s the link, runs about 10 minutes, shows my swank kitchen (which even makes me jealous, and I get to use it every day), discusses the difference between “chef” and “cook,” other cooks’ terms, cooking simple good food, and a recipe for a really bad cake.  My favorite line is from Mulready:  “Wow, all in one book.”  Mulready films the whole thing himself, holding his own camera and doing the interview.  Ever the performance artist.