I’m off to the nether reaches of Ohio today, Dayton tonight, Cincy tomorrow, and there are native culinary issues to mention. Say what you will about Cincinnati’s conservative nature or its dubious chili franchise, from a culinary standpoint, I’m glad Cincinnati gives the United States a unique product called goetta.  It’s a forcemeat, a scrapple-like pate that includes oats and is typically fried and served at breakfast. If Brian and I write a second book on Charcuterie, it will certainly be included.  Dayton, of course, gives us a culinary offering of a different sort, but as far as I know, that’s it!  (I’d be happy to be corrected though.)

Brad Parsons, over at Amazon, has posted this Q&A with me (my favorite question is what are the three things that set professional cooking apart from home cooking).

The above cartoon is by David Lyttelton and I put it up for no other reason than because I miss it from the previous design and intend to use it whenever I can.