ImagesChris Cosentino, chef and owner of Incanto in San Francisco, has taken my challenge to put Chicken Fried Pork Belly Caesar on his menu–and has done me one better.  He’s returned the chicken to the Caesar without relinquishing the fried.  Beautiful.  (I met Cosentino during the filming of The Next Iron Chef America–a competition that has all the makings of the best reality cooking show to date.) I want to see more "authentic" Chicken Caesars on America’s menus!  I want to see the Cosentino Caesar on Olive Garden and Cheesecake Factory menus before the year is out!  Please, will some good SF resident go to Incanto and report back here with a review of the dish?!

UPDATE: Donna sent me this link to very good video of Cosentino on Chow talking about offal (also offers some very thoughtful remarks about peta, worth listening to, and some beeeyouteeful pigs feet).

AND THIS: GREAT pix of an offal dinner captured by Michael Harlan Turkell and featured on