Back at last from travel with a certain production company, can’t say who really or where, the company has attached screws to my thumbs that can be tightened by remote, so I cannot even say where exactly I’ve been, not a mot, but that’s why I’ve been neglectful of the dear old blog.  Have been reading and enjoying the comments from afar–thanks.

Interesting page one story in the times on genetically modified animals , a subject I’m on the fence about, except for the fact that generally, I’m not in favor of fucking around with anything’s DNA and feel that natural selection has done pretty well so far.  But I’m not a business man, which is what this seems to be about.  The editorial pages weighs in on the factory farms growth market in the United States.  Would that the increasingly desperate pea brains at the Humane Society had the balls to tackle important issues like this instead of wasting the time and resources of the relatively tiny, not to mention humane, Hudson Valley Foie Gras farm.  (del Grosso has more.)

Got an email to day from H.rao (thanks) with this compilation and commentary on chef movies from Sara Dickerman at Slate. Have yet to see Tampopo, alas, and there’s no dvd available from netflix! Have yet to see the unfortunately named No Res, but assume the chefness is background music to the romantic and familial saga. Ratatouille will rule until I finish the Making of a Chef script and can convince my friend Richard that he and he alone must make it.

Devored some exquisite hog preparations on the road which, one day, I
may be able to mention, but until then, I offer this, a breakfast
inspired by these really cool Calphalon dishes a friend at Calphalon
sent—perfect reentry meal after JFK unpleasantness and eating primarily
protein and fat for two weeks, a breakfast composed of protein fat and
starch: Orzo baked with mozzarella and reggianno, an egg and bacon.
Inspired by a pan, and the leftover orzo the kids didn’t eat.