It’s Not About Gluttony!
This from a reader, AZ: “Today [6/20], angry response letters to Bruni appear in the NYT, bringing up national health care, animal cruelty, and heart attacks. Strong reminders of why supermarkets are full of lean pork, boneless, skinless chicken breasts, the prizing of lean meats, and turkey everything.”  I was amazed by the letters, too, and saddened by their superior tone. [here they are, scroll down to “Glorifying Gluttony.”]

Smoking Your Own Salmon (delicious but hard to keep lit!)
Posts like this always raise the spirit! Ronnie Suburban, well-known on food sites, a stalwart individual (he carted me all over Chicago on a hotdog quest for an article), has embraced Charcuterie and taken to curing salmon with a vengeance. Curing your own salmon is one of the easiest home curing methods there is and a way to get results better than what you can buy.  Ron takes his salmon further by smoking it (notice the exquisite color in the finished product on the bagel).  This is an excellent description of the process of curing and smoking your own salmon, and check out his cool cold-smoking contraption.

Blogging Food Blogging
In case you missed Amateur Gourmet’s interesting remarks on the power of food bloggers, it’s worth reading.  I believe he’s right, food blogging is one of the most important changes in food journalism in a while—probably since Craig Claiborne raised it to the level of news—and I also believe that the future of food blogging is dependent on bloggers increasing the quality and focus of the work itself.  (And there’s this on the subject from ABC news, which accidental hedonist linked to and commented on.)

Excellent Oils
A while ago this company sent me three oils to try.  I’m not usually one for over-priced fancypants condiments and flavored vinegars etc., and I’m wary of nut oils because they’re so often rancid, but I’ve been using these oils a lot recently—walnut, pistachio and pecan—and they are outstanding.  Delicious, fresh, clean.  They’re especially good to have on hand now with all the fine lettuces available at growers markets.  They also make for good seasoning for desserts.