CCA Criticized For Misleading Students
A couple folks have alerted me to this piece in SFWeekly alledging that California Culinary Academy administrators deliberately mislead prospective students about the future prospects of the chef.  Certainly that would be reprehensible, but it doesn’t excuse students from their own responsibility to assess and evaluate a situation on their own.

Foie Inanity in the Liberty City
And other readers alerted me that the foie inanity has appeared in Philly.  It’s like an ignorance or ineptitude virus—unpleasant but it will go away.  The two dunderheads in this case are: 1) councilman Jack Kelly (not surprising since Chicago showed what the intelligence level of city council people can reach); but worse is 2) a restaurateur, Stephen Starr.  He says he believes gavage is ethically wrong.  Has he taken it off his NYC restaurant menus?  I don’t know.  I do hope though, as he cares so much for the treatment of animals, that all the beef, pork, chicken, veal, and lamb he serves comes from farms that raise animals humanely.  And I trust that councilman Kelly is working vigorously to ban the sale of factory raised beef pork and chicken in his fine city.

McGee at FCI
This has been noted elsewhere, but a reminder to those who want to learn in person from Hal McGee can do so at the FCI this summer.

If You’re Passionate About Family Meal, You’ll Be a Great Chef, Maybe…
And last, very much enjoyed this NYTimes mag article on Per Se back of the house, not because I’m so close to the restaurant but rather because it points up The Importance of Family Meal.  This is an article I hope cooks read.