Great post over at megnut.  A mean chocolate chip cookie, a dozen recipes converted to common denominators and combined to create an actual mean.  She said the cookie was good, but what’s so great about this (and thanks for doing the work, megnut!) is how easy it is to compare variations.  She’s put it all on a spreadsheet.  It’s the second recipe spreadsheet I read this week (veronica’s test kitchen).  Coincidence?  Or is America on the verge of becoming pathologically geeky about cooking?

What I’d like to see is this recipe reduced to its fundamentals: what is the perfect combination of flour, sugar, butter, egg, minus the flourish of chocolate, the eccentricity of melted versus cold butter, the light or dark or white sugar.

Maybe I’m obsessed with meg’s post because I bought a bag of Pepperidge Farm Soft Baked Chocolate Chunk cookies for a road trip two weeks ago.  For the kids.  But they won’t eat them.  A chocolate chip cookie that kids won’t eat—now that’s a bad cookie.  So I’m stuck eating them because I refuse to throw them out, and am reminded with each angry bite (and the mile-long ingredient list) how crappy food can be and that the real tragedy is that people eat a cookie like this and accept it, as opposed to taking a bite and calling it bullshit.  Which is what my kids have, in effect, done.