by Bourdain

Coincidence or conspiracy? Hot on the heels of Jeffrey Chodorow’s ill-considered public squeal, Frank Bruni reviews ANOTHER steak house, giving one star and a stunningly warm and fuzzy review to ROBERT’S in the PENTHOUSE EXECUTIVE CLUB.( Not the usual Times subject, one would think–and a place that’s been open only a few blocks away for some time without attracting previous attention from the paper of record). This after a brutal, zero star  butt-slamming of Chodorow’s KOBE CLUB. Maybe I’m being cynical here but the Message seems to be: "Even a freakin’ strip club–where you get lap dances offered between courses is better than your soulless, overpriced meat-emporium. I’d rather spend time in a hot tub with Bob Guiccione than you!" Subtext? "Don’t Fuck With Me!"

If Chodorow lives up to his insane, public rant, HE now has to follow in Bruni’s footsteps and sit down in a potentially  spooge-soaked banquette for his own counter-review of this distinguished eatery.

Game, Set, Match as far as I’m concerned.

One might ask if it’s ever a good idea anyway to spend 40,000 bucks reminding the public that the New York Times think you suck. And that you are the genius responsible for MIX, the lunatic-sounding CAVIAR AND BANANA, the public melt-down called ROCCO’S, the joke-magnet ENGLISH IS ITALIAN and the rumored SPOTTED DICK.