BatuttopigA quick announcement to folks in the Heartland.  I’m part of an all-pig dinner at a wonderful restaurant, Battuto, in Cleveland’s Little Italy next Wednesday.

About two hours south of the city, an Amish farmer named Daniel Stutzman has been raising amazing hogs, raising hogs as they’re meant to be raised.  One of the great things about the Iberico hogs of Spain is that they’re fattened on acorns, the nuts helping to give them a healthful and supple and bountiful fat; Stutzman’s hogs also feed on acorns as well as on onions and apples on his farm.  They have bedding indoors and are free to roam if they wish.  They are cared for animals.  The meat is intensely flavorful, the quality and abundance of its fat is amazing. (The belly is an astonishing and gorgeous four inches thick).  I feel lucky to be able to have found a source such as this farmer and his pigs.

The proprietors of Battuto are Mark and Giovanna Daverio, he an alum of Paul Bertolli’s Olivetto, she a Zuni Cafe alum.  With these two excellent chef-restaurateurs and Daniel’s miraculous swine, the night will likely see the finest pork being served that night in the proud state of Ohio.

Download Giovanna’s invitation here.

It’s a five to seven course wine-paired evening, $80 for pork the likes of which you have never seen (belly confit, trotters, sausage, and traditional cuts).  Wednesday November 15th.  Call Giovanna for information and reservations: 216-707-1055.