OK, Bourdain slips a comment into a post below, just to let me know that he remains on hallucinogens  Seriously, folks, this is what I’m up against.  I just want people know.

Tonight’s the night, Ruhlman. For God’s sake–please lay off your usual cocktail of boxed wine and anti-depressants for this one. (You DO remember that ugly Baltimore incident, don’t you? Probably not..) Ripert, Hamilton and I are looking forward to a civilized conversation–and moving some freaking units–so PLEASE–I implore you, just this once–try to refrain from vicious, unprovoked rants, scurrilous accusations, embittered diatribes–or passing out mid-sentence. Or trashing New York as the "axis of evil" for that matter. (That kind of talk does not go down well with the hometown crowd, believe me.) Keep it clean, too. There might be children in attendance, for God’s sake!
I really went out on a limb to get you this gig, Ruhlman. Don’t blow it–again.

I’m trying to help this guy sell books and this what I get.  I’ve never even been to Baltimore…