You’ll never guess what was included in our CSA haul this week.  Zucchini!  That’s right, amazing as it may sound, there they were, three big fatties at the bottom of the bag. Seriously, it’s not that I have a problem with zucchini, itself (though I did publicly disparage the zucchini a while back on Iron Chef America, which had a few zucchini lovers up in arms).  I like zucchini.  Julienned and sauteed in butter it’s a simple summer side dish.  Add some nuts, herbs and a vinaigrette to zucchini you’ve salted for ten minutes and it’s a revelation (raw zucchini salad). There are indeed all kinds of things you can do to zucchini.  I guess my problem is how much of it is grown.  Why do people grow so much zucchini? Just because we can Read On »