Video: The amazing Julia Child bringing cooking home to all and Julia Powell sharing what she learned, via Good Morning America.


Two years ago, Donna made a calendar of some of her favorite food shots. Last year she didn’t and several people complained. So this year she made one using some of her favorite shots from Ruhlman’s Twenty. I linked each one to one of the twenty techniques and also add some words about the technique and about the dish featured. The dates page includes process shots of the dish where there’s room. They’re printed on demand and shipped by Apple, so they’re a little on the pricey side. Sorry, but unless we wanted to print 10,000 of them they are what they are, $38 delivered. If you would like a copy of Donna’s Ruhlman’s Twenty Calendar, it works like her ratio chart. Here’s what to do: Go to, an excellent and secure way to Read On »


All kinds of awesome things happen to me because I live in Cleveland.  Others are seeing it too—my favorite line from the Beard awards reception Monday, slightly boozy but true nonetheless: “Cleveland is happening!” the California girl shouted to me.  “Cleveland is on the cusp of greatness!” Earlier in the year a company called Sideways called me saying they were fans and cooks and wanted to create a template for an “Author App,” basically a fan app that allows people interested in an author to access everything he or she has to offer, in quick seamless fashion. I was game and I knew that my passionate, occasionally disturbed follow, would find it interesting.  Watch the video above, download it FREE from iTunes. It is, of course, the irony of fate that I would introduce this Read On »


At last, we’ve put together this basic video demonstration of Ratio: The Smart Phone Application (built by Will Turnage, designed by Leah McCombe) so that people can see what it does and how it works. I love the application because it’s truly useful. If I’m making hamburgers or meatloaf, it will give me the amount of seasoning I need depending on how much meat I have. If I only want a few cookies, not two dozen, it will create the recipe for me. If I find I only have one egg, but still want to make a blueberry muffin, it calculates the amount based on one egg. If I want to whip up a last minute caramel sauce it tells me how. If I want to know even the basic proportions of a stock, it’s there for me. It’s also a great ounces-to-grams converter.

This application will be of special value to anyone who works in a kitchen and to any and all culinary students. And you chefs, authors, and bloggers who develop your own recipes, this application provides the trunk from which a thousand variations branch off. I hope you’ll have a look!

This is version 1.0.1, with all bugs taken care of. Will and Leah are working on the Droid version now!

Here are some comments and reviews about the application:

Russ Parsons, in the LATimes Blog: “Michael Ruhlman wrote a really good book earlier this year called Ratio. Now he’s gone out and turned it into an even better iPhone application. … And though [his] approach may seem a little mechanistic in a cookbook (what if you happen to want a cookie with a different texture than the one chosen?), it’s sheer genius in an app, where the expectations are different. Think of ‘Ratio, the App’ as a combination culinary pocket calculator and aide-memoir.”

Chicagoist: “This application is so good it almost makes us regretting buying the book first. … At $4.99, it’s a steal.”

From the Village Voice Blog: “While Ruhlman’s app enters an already crowded market for cooking-related iPhone applications, with its gee-whiz calculations, it has the potential to be one of the most useful. The home cooking world may finally have its own version of Turing Bombe, complete with pretty colors and custard icons.”

Click here to see go to its iTunes page. All comments and criticisms welcome.